Does the temperature of my water or sports drink effect my performance?

The Introduction

cool drinkAll of us know that training or competing in the heat means drinking to prevent fatigue or getting a heat illness. As we dehydrate, our body temperature increases, our heart rate increases and we fatigue, especially during prolonged exercise in the heat. We know we need to drink sports drinks (> one hour of exercise) that contain a variety of sugars, especially glucose, regularly and in fairly large volumes to ensure we maximize the absorption of the water, sugars and electrolytes in the drink. However, this study is one of the few to show that the temperature of the fluid is equally important to benefit endurance performance. It highlighted that endurance performance improved by up to 10% with cold fluids (<100C) compared to a drink at body temperature (370C) when exercise was conducted in hot (>280C) and humid (>30%) conditions.

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