Chapter 7 – Strength & Power Training (PDF)


The major declines with age are in the strength and power of muscles. This chapter examines in detail the methods of developing strength and power in masters athletes. Moreover, it presents in detail the variables (exercises, sets, repetitions etc) a masters athlete needs to develop their own strength and power training program.

Topics include:

  • Performance and health benefits of strength training
  • Methods to determine 1 RM (Repetition Maximum)
  • Strength training methods
  • Variables in a strength training program
  • Designing your own strength training program
  • Developing muscle mass in masters athletes – a vital training method
  • Developing muscle power in masters athletes
  • Strength training aids for athletes
  • Minimising injury in the getting strong
  • Warm-up methods for weight training
  • Women and weight training
  • The best books to buy on strength and power training