Chapter 16 – Nutrition (PDF)


This chapter will be the most read chapter in the book. It discusses in detail the effect of aging on carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin and mineral, fluid and energy needs in masters athletes. The chapter examines the effect of both chronic disease and medications on these nutrients. Crucially, the scientifically-proven guidelines to maximise both health and sports performance are presented.

Topics Include

  • Energy requirements of masters athletes
  • Carbohydrate needs of masters athletes
  • Fat needs of masters athletes
  • Protein needs of masters athletes
  • Vitamin and mineral needs of masters athletes
  • Which nutrients benefit health and prevent chronic disease?
  • The effects of medications on nutrients
  • Supplementation needs of masters athletes
  • A dietary quiz for masters athletes – are you getting enough?
  • The glycemic index (GI) and masters athletes
  • Pre-event nutrition strategies
  • During event nutrition strategies
  • After-event nutrition strategies
  • Best websites in the world for sports nutrition