Chapter 12 – Injury Prevention and Management (PDF)


This chapter examines what science has to say about the causes of sports injuries in masters athletes. Crucially, the chapter discusses the effects of age on healing and treating injuries as well as the factors to consider in preventing injuries including gut upsets, muscle cramps, stitches and muscle soreness.

Topics Include

  • Rates and risks of injuries in masters athletes
  • Injury, healing and aging – what does the research say?
  • Treatment considerations for masters athletes
  • The correct rehabilitation protocol for injuries
  • Medications and masters athletes
  • Drug testing and masters athletes
  • Gut upsets in athletes
  • Side-stitches in athletes
  • Muscle cramps in athletes
  • Muscle soreness in athletes
  • Injury prevention strategies for masters athletes
  • Best websites in the world for injury prevention and management